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Our last litter's, last pup moves to the home of a grateful, all-American hero. ^

The German Shorthaired Pointer is by nature cute, cuddly and domestically protective;  however, it can be taught to be astutely, fiercely aggressive.  It expertly sniffs out bombs and skillfully searches for hidden insurgents. Best of all, this "man's best friend" doesn't ask much for it's performance beyond a toy, treat or simple praise.

The breed is deployed more and more by the US military;  the demand for its abilities continues to grow at home and abroad. A German Shorthaired Pointer pup is an ideal pet for a Vet who has observed it's inherent, devout nature, vitality and agility on duty. 

Beyond Words

Trusty Trainer & Royal Guardian

Bird's-eye View Of A Recent Crew 

PICKS Of The Litter

The Penetrating Prowess of The Pointer


The BREEDER, The Artist

On The Go In The Snow                       

Ruffin" It Out

"Live-Action" (You Tube) Breed Info:

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