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The German Shorthaired Pointer is, say savvy Vets, "the most intelligent breed of all dogs";  it learns conscientiously coaxed behavior very quickly and enthusiastically. 

All basic obedience commands (sit, stay, down, come,"give me your paw") are taught to the GSP in the tweak of a treat or so with a few hardy pats, peppered with soft spoken acclaim.  Be sure to use positive reward based training methods on your Pointer.  Pups never respond to forceful methods of condition that involve intimidation or fear.

Enjoy this fantastic time in your dog's life.  Puppyhood is the time when you'll create the foundation for its life long relationhip with you.  It's the time you'll develop, build and strengthen the intuitive bond you'll inevitably, foreverer, share with it. 

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It Takes A Long Time To Become Young

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Basic Training

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