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"Posing For Posterity Pet^

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ChocolateLove—Pointing The Way I Pet ^


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In The Shade Of The Shed I Sisters Will Be Sisters, Tap ^

ChocolateLove, our“pick-pup”from two litters ago is set to perpetuate Enfield Shorthairs,AKC, refined pedigree this fall.

Discriminating GSP prospective buyers are welcome to reserve her forthcoming litters’expected I Contact

Enfield German Shorthairs is a distinctive, GSP Kennel located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Charles Of Eames and Sasha II, the Kennel's founding family, has whelped a bevy of buoyant pups that today are thriving in select new homes both here and abroad. Their siblings have been acquired by White House, key decision makers, eminent, tech principals as well as, on the go, all american families.

PACK for The Holidays!

ChocolateLove DigginNewDigsIOn The Go In The Snow

The Penetrating ProwessofThePointerIsIncomparable.

Puppies Like Roses

WaitingAt The Door

CharliePlays Catch/OnThe Lake

PicsOf The Litter

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