ENFIELD GERMAN SHORTHAIRSTM is a kennel distinguished for its AKC, “ Sporting Group" pointers that excel in both outdoor and indoor bearing.  Our warmly socialized pups are regularly, ideal additions to a host of active families.


Our Premier Dam (Rt./above), Sasha II, hails from Kansas;  she's descended from lines of pointers trained to shadow, serious hunter/handlers across the rugged Midwestern plains.

She has delivered a bevy of stunning, hearty litters (Her Latest, “This Father’s day”);  and, last word, all of her transferred progeny are thriving in gracious, privilieged homes across the Country.

Her pups are exemplary, AKC, GSP standard bearers; triggered by tender, sound, hands-on, "starter-dog" conditioning as well as pack/domestic socialization.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Sasha's "bright eyed and bushy tailed”.  She targets frisbees as tenaciously/enthusiastically as birds in flight.

She's never had a sick, down day in her life, nor has our Sire, Charlie Of Eames. Their longtime cohabitation and, bountuful propagation is more than merely good fortune;  but, a marvel of Mother Nature's natural forbearance.

Father’s Day Gifts:

fathers day 2 a med hr

“Super-Frau” GSP Whelps New Pups Father's Day. —Tap ^

Kennel's Founding Dam, Sasha ll, Super-Frau, Whelped Another Champ Brood Father's Day!  Pick Pups Will Be Delivered To Select, New Buyers Homes—Vet Certified, Dewclaws Removed, Tails Bobbed, De-wormed, Vaccinated To Date & After 8 Weeks of Socialization.

Only  3, Females Still Available!

Honeybee's Buzz

Puppies Like Roses


New Kennel Pups Whelped Father's Day Are Now Ideally Matured For Selection By Prospective Buyers.

The Kiss

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Back-To-School Pointer Pups On ebay, Tap ^

ChocolateLove, Perky, Pick Of The Kennel's March 15th, 2013 Litter And, Pedigree Heir Apparent.  —>  Click V

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The Penetrating Prowess of The German Shorthaired Pointer Is Incomparable.

A "One OF A KIND KENNEL  I  Diretions

Past Pups On Hand / White Glove Delivery

Trusty Trainer & Royal Guardian

Bird's-eye View Of A Recent Crew 

PICKS Of The Litter

The BREEDER, The Artist


Beyond Words

Docked & Dewclaw-done

6 Week Old Puppy Hits 

Premier, AKC, GSP Pups Regularly On Premises And, "Real-Time",  Extended Family.

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